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Pavlović Plast Product Range

PVC – three-layer pipes for home sewage systems, PP fitting, HDPE water pipes, PE water pipes – re-granulate, PE sewage corrugated pipes,
PE drainage corrugated pipes, Compression fitting, PPR water pipes and fitting, PVC corrugated pipe for street sewage systems,
PVC pipe for street sewage systems, PVC pipes for greenhouses, PE spiral pipes, PE Gas pipes, PVC, PE pipes used for protection of cables, PE pipes for irrigation, Other.

Market Research

If you have a high-quality, competitive product in the area of building and construction, we have everything that you need to sell it in the market of Serbia.

The company has its own travelling sales staff, engaged in daily field work and direct contact with the clients. We are present in every city of Serbia, attaining a 100% coverage of the market.
We offer the service of mapping and analysis of the market, with complete information on present producers, process, quality, business policy and other.

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Guarantee of Quality

Pavlović Plast - Reliability and quality, helping you to reach a secure connection.

All of the products from our range are produced to the relevant standards in the field.
Each pipe is properly marked and each item possesses the attest documentation of the competent Belgrade-based institute. Rubber rings are an integral part of each pipe.
In order to satisfy our customer’s needs, we have adopted the standard certification JUS ISO 9001:2001.
All of these are a guarantee of quality and durability of our products.